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Friday, September 17, 2004

Kurt Vonnegut---Cold Turkey

Another great Kurt Vonnegut essay.

Kurt Vonnegut on War

No one says it quite like Kurt Vonnegut.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Commerical Alert

Take a look at the company websites that this article cites. I would have never thought that this is actually legal. What a world!

Wake Up

It seems that the world has suddenly awakened from a nightmare and has not yet come to the reality that it is indeed awake. There is anger in the very soul of the world for wrongs committed against each other, yet not a single person can identify the wrong without his voice trailing off trying to remember exactly what the offense was. Fear is instilled within every man, woman, and child, a fear of what may come if they are not ever-vigilant to keep an eye on their neighbors, to make sure that no one steps out of line.

This nightmare that we experienced has a grip on our morals, our decency, our compassion, and our common sense. Our lives are examined by the small details, which are then magnified and twisted to make it look as if we have committed an act of wrongdoing. With every word that is uttered from our lips, we have to fear that we will be misinterpreted or heard by the wrong set of ears, ears that only hear what they want. Where there were once booming voices there are now subtle whispers and darting eyes. This nightmare has crippled our thoughts and our voices to the point that we no longer recognize who we are. It has knocked the air from our lungs and we have not yet reached the point of spasm, the point in which we can no longer take in the tainted air that is trying to fill our bruised lungs without coughing it all back out.

As time unfolds and the nightmare becomes a waning memory, we will realize that there is a void within our minds that was once occupied by the antithesis of the nightmare—a sense of oneself independent of the views of others. There is no returning to that state of mind once you have strayed. What is worse is that we seem to know that we are lost yet we have made it impossible to be found since we feel that there is no reason to try to recover who we once were.

We have abandoned our past for the false sense of security that fear and ignorance affords us. We beg for the blissful ignorance, for the numbness that not knowing brings. If we never know what is going on, if we never take the chance to care for others, we will never have to suffer for anyone else. There will be someone else to blame if the situation does not improve or becomes worse. Denying our sense of compassion frees us from any guilt for the pain and suffering of our fellow humans. For all too many of us, it is worth losing our ability to care about others so that we might live unaware of their problems.

There are a number of us that do make our voices heard as we awaken from the nightmare. Their voices are still trembling with the fear that the dream instilled in their spirits and their minds are reacting to the shock of the new reality to which their eyes are slowly adjusting. A sense of confusion is evident as they work through the new ideologues and try to make sense of them, to reexamine their thoughts and feelings to the new world that has disposed of their past. It can be expected that there will be those whose reactions to the new world will be at the far end of the spectrum, whose ideas for living in this post-dream world will be too radical for the majority of people. However, their voices must be heard in order to equalize the discussion.

The ideas of this new generation of thinkers, the post-dream thinkers, have the power to shape the new world that we are now living in. Information is capable of being shared at remarkable rates, making the world that we share an ever-changing landscape of thoughts and ideas. We no longer need to depend on those with money and power to give us our opinions, our cultures. Ideas cannot only be shared locally but globally as well. We are fully capable of realizing many of our goals through the use of the very tool that is allowing you to read this. The new generation of thinkers will need to rely on a more non-classical approach to reach the masses that are still numb from the nightmare. We cannot depend on the media giants, owned by a handful of millionaires with products to sell and lives to waste on greed, to give us what we need to make our lives full. Their job is to sell us our lives, to push false realities onto our over-burdened lives, to make us feel guilty for not being in the top 1% of wage earners in the US, to deaden our sense of self, and most of all, to make us dependent upon them for our information. They see the dollar signs in our zoned out eyes at we watch, read, and listen to the mangled reality that they feed us day in and day out.

The only way to wake ourselves up is to change our approach to gathering information about the world around us, to trust that gut feeling that you are not being told the truth. Look outside the reality that is put in front of you and question it. Read about topics that affect your life instead of only worrying about what Hollywood is up to. Don’t blindly accept the news that you are being delivered by the paid off media giants. Look at more than one source of news and make informed decisions based on what you have learned. Make time to make your world better by being a real part of it.

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